Welcome to our Start My Return portal. Here you are able to securely send us all your tax documents and relevant information. We have created a safe, user-friendly, and non-contact process. By clicking the Start My Return link, you can login to your existing account – or you can create your account by clicking “Register”. This process allows you to safely upload your tax forms directly to a professional at The Tax Company. By answering a few questions, conveniently and securely uploading your documents – we then prepare your taxes for you and contact you for additional information or if there are any questions.

This is an efficient and non-contact option.

Start My Return

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 emergency, we are unable to schedule any appointments at this time. We are still able to prepare your tax return by uploading your tax papers, just click our link above. You also have another non-contact option by just stopping by our office and leaving your documents in our drop-box, which is located just outside our office. Of course you always have the option of just stopping by our office and leaving your documents with one of our professionals as well.

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