Income Tax Preparation

With over 20 years of experience, updated technologies, and an efficient process that is unmatched by any other service, The Tax Company is a leader in tax preparation and filing.  We prepare and file every type of return, from Individual and Corporate to Fiduciary and Non-Profit Returns. We are also able to prepare returns for every state in the country.

We have been second to none in our ability to prepare returns professionally, timely, and at the most affordable rate in the industry.  This has been the case for over 20 years.

Tax Resolution and Consolidation

Receiving letters from the IRS can be an intimidating scenario.  Almost always the government over-assesses the amount of money you owe them.  They put the burden on you to prove that you do not owe what they calculated and billed you for.  Do not just go ahead and pay the liability on those notices – contact a Tax Company professional first.  

We have years of experience in resolving these issues for taxpayers.  We have talented professionals in our company that have helped establish some of the biggest firms in the country.

Payroll Preparation and Tax Filing

WageWorx is an extension of The Tax Company.  For years The Tax Company prepared payroll for many businesses.  As that division of the company grew, we eventually split that part of the company off into it’s own business.  Below is a link to the WageWorx website or log onto From there you can get all the information you need to successfully setup your new payroll.

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